The Making of a Map

Our first product, the map of Southeastern Georgian Bay is available! It has been a long, but worthwhile journey. Our map highlights the area's rich marine heritage, and we encourage you to embark on your own journey and create some adventure with your family and friends. Enjoy the historical elements of exploring vessels long since forgotten and discover the naturally preserved shipwrecks Georgian Bay has to offer. Engage in the sport of diving or snorkeling. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring!

Visit Us @ Local Festivals in 2016

We are happy to take part in local festivals and farmers' markets. We haven't firmed anything up yet for the upcoming season, but when we do - come visit us there!

Past events we've participated in are...

"Just Add Water Festival" Port Severn, ON

"Midland Harbour Festival" Midland, ON

"Honey Harbour Jazz Festival" Honey Harbour, ON

"Out of the Blue Festival" & Farmers' Market Penetanguishene, ON

Mission Statement

To create historically rich maps that capture the essence of marine history of the area.

We strive to provide maps of great detail with exceptional attention to accuracy by referencing a variety of resources and working with a network of public facilities to showcase our findings.

How it all began...

The idea for our company came from a wonderful weekend at the cottage on Georgian Bay. Having heard about the Mapledawn wreck near Christian Island, we set out on the boat to explore with family and friends. The intrigue of underwater history set in! Since that sunny day on the bay, we've been working to locate resources and piece together the story of area shipwrecks for others to enjoy.

Enticed by the richness of our marine history, wreck exploration, by snorkel or dive, generates a strong sense of adventure in us all.

A little company with a lot of potential

We are still researching other shipwrecks in Georgian Bay, so continue to check back to our site to see the next GBW map.

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